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Usenet Newsgroups (general moto-related stuff), (Japanese [language, country] moto-related stuff)


Gaijin Riders

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go -- THE definitive site for info on living in Japan.

Getting your Japanese driverís license

Getting Your 50cc License

Motorcycle Online (lots of cool stuff -- virtual museum, race reports, etc.)

Japan in 24 Days - a tour across Japan in 1999

Sean Lewkiw's Motorcycling In Japan Page

Motorcycle City

Directory of Motorcycle Resources

Japan Driver's License

Bike Web

Repair Manuals

Suzuki TL1000 Owners Club

Accident Scene Management

Rental 819 - Nationwide motorcycle/scooter rental firm

Eagle Motorcycle Rental - Sapporo

Japan Guide



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Japanese Manners

Advice on Japanese Manners and Etiquette

Secrets On Teaching English

Secrets on Teaching English in Japan

Japanese Culture--A Primer

Japanese Culture--A Primer For Newcomers

Why Are Prices In Japan So Damn High?

Why are Prices in Japan So Damn High??

Rob's Japan Photo Gallery

Rob's Japan Photo Gallery

Japanese Festivals and Celebrations

Japanese Festivals and Celebrations

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