Dogs of US military personnel can have a 14 day quarantine in Japan in the owner's custody if:

1. The owner has an Official Travel Order or a Military Transportation Form (USFJ #380) signed by the U.S. Military Transportation Officer in Japan authorizing the Japanese quarantine officer to release the dog for quarantine on the military base.

2. The pet has the rabies vaccination form (DD Form #2208) and health certificate (DD Form #2209) signed by a vet. The rabies certificate must be between 30 - 180 days old upon arrival. The health certificate must be valid up to 30 days after the date of issue.

3. There's a Federal Stamp from the US Department of Agriculture Quarantine Office.

Without all the proper forms, the dog will be quarantined as a non-military dog. They must also clear Customs within 24 hours or they will be quarantined by the Japanese government. A Customs broker like NEC, JTB, etc. is recommended for a speedy clearance.